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nearly in africa :O

overcast 30 °C

time has gone so fast!!! its scary and exciting,

anyway, the past few days...

left panaji after going to old goa for the day and looking at some churches and art galleries. fascinating stuff, really. but it was nice to be out and about! definitely missed the stop on the way there, probably went 20 minutes to far, oops! but i like the bus so it was okay.

took a bus from panaji to margao then to benaulim which is a southern beach in Goa, famous among the older european generation apparently haha. found a room then had a look around, spent 4 hours on the internet skyping to mum, dad and grandma, as well as my brother who had his birthday! did some (A LOT) of shopping. crazy crazy times, probably went overboard when mum said get her some pillow covers but they will make nice gifts/ill have them for when im old and responsible in my own house! also bought some kashmiri table covers like my wall hanging that i LOVE.

went to the beach yesterday in Benaulim but you have no idea how hot it is. well, not exactly hot just very warm air, with no breeze/a warm breeze, and the sun beats down on you SO HARD. and after the hour walk i had i was drenched and it was icky (i had planned to walk for at least 2 but it would have been impossible!!). found a bookstore!!! was reading 'tale of 2 cities', trying to up the number of classics ive read but im not feeling it. so got a Frank McCourt book called 'teacher man' and finished it today! it was very good and interesting. have 2 more to read, one by dan brown, and another by a similar writer, looks like my classics arent going to be looked at for a while haha ah well.

Last night there was the most MASSIVE thunderstorm ever, it was crazy and the power went out which was horrible because it was so hot in the room and sleeping was impossible and i finsihed my water. it lasted on and off for 3 hours (mostly off) before it came on properly, it was SUCH a relief.

woke up early today, packed and left, caught a bus to Margoa again, sent a package home (which was so complicated and i was tearing my hair out in the end, so i got a pepsi to make it better :)) then am in Vasco de Gama now where the train to bangalore is leaving at 8 45. it is now 5 past 4, yay for wasting time!!! but really, had the most amazing lunch here, aloo parota (potato and bread with curd and this preserve thing), then puri (delicious puffs of deep fried goodness that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner it seems...) with coconut chutney (coconut in a white milky sauce thing, tastes better than this description haha).

also, my previous view of curd was that it was like off, salty milk, ie DISGUSTING. but its not! its natural yoghurt! (apparently the first time i tried it, it was probably off ewww)

in the next few days i will be in bangalore, then chennai where i will hopefully post my last blog from india! :( trying to pass 24 hours of nothingness and avoid the craziness of the election thats happening the next day

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uploading photos is boring

overcast 28 °C

also, i am very tired so sorry in advance

the day after the last post i went out in the morning and did a bit of shopping then saw the 2 swedish girls on the way back to the hotel. they were in 'Mirabai', a resturant, chatting to the owner who i thought seemed like a really nice guy. we decided to go back to the Johnnys, read and sleep a bit and then go out to 'Mambos' one of Goas night clubs.

had dinner at Mirabai, a disgusting bolognaise (what should i have expected i guess) and then the owner drove us to Mambos. short story of hwat happened.

met a tranny in the ladies (met being she tried to talk to us while we went about our business)
i had 2 drinks and a shot of vodka (plus the beer and drink we had with dinner) and wasnt feeling anything, while the others had A LOT less
met an english couple, the guy from mumbai, girl from slovakia, who were living in england and danced with them for a bit
got bored and went to another place (the guy from Mirabai had gone home by now) then danced a bit
at 3 30 decided to go home
saw one good looking guy the entire night
got offered drugs at one point
had a pretty good time!

but had to wake up the next morning at8 to pack and check out haha. was not feeling to awake/good. not so much hungover as really freking tired and hungry.

to the bus to mapusa then another to anjuna (at this poin i was by myself) and had a look at peace land, recommended by the onely planet, but it was so expensive. then someone asked me if i wanted a room, and normally i ginore these things but i didnt this time. she took the price down by 100rp and it wasa decent room! tried to find somewhere for dinner, failed then went to bed.

the next day was the anuna market day. interesting times. got there and was hassled by EVERYONE. at first i was like hahahaha no thanks, but by the end i was like f***ing f*** off, i dont want to look and i dont want to buy! F***! it was hot and everything was way overpricved, but it made for an interesting morning.

slept on the beach, then on a sunbed, pretty sure i was chatted up by someone, but in my sleepy state, who knows? had my first really nice expensive meal, aloo baigan, potatoes and egg plant, YUM!!! and then payed 100rp for a banana 'lassi' that tasted like a milkshake. devastated.

turned out the swedish girls were cming to anjuna for the market as well! so met up with them for dinner, as well as a german girl tey met, and was going to go out, but there was nothing obvious and we mutually agreed sleep was calling very very loudly and we just couldnt resist.

left today, (so 2 night at the blue nest hotel. the owners were so lovely! they tired to get me to stay longer by bringing down the price again but there was nothing to do there except be on the beach, and my hatred was in FULL SWING!) and wnet to mapusa again and then to Panjim. heard therewas cruises, but also heard they can sometimes gt rowdy with bunches of local men drunk off the free beer... so being a girl, by myslef, im giving it a miss :( but there is a magrove tour thing on tomorrow which looked interesting but 700rp! and i have no money... grrr

in a really lovely, really really small lodge at the moment andd the price has been halved, yippee! still have 20 minutes to wait on the photos. STUFF THIS!

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'partying' in goa

sunny 30 °C

wrote a huge entry, that was actually only half done and the computer froze, so forgive me if this is crap, because i am quite pissed

the day after the trek i went to the boat house and botanical gardens, both of which were nice. at the lake i bought 2 watches, 2 wallets and 6 hair clips for $10! great bargain, also was my first experience of actually bargaining. at the gardens i planned to read a book i borrowed from the hotel but the first 100 pages were missing. gooooood. also, they really are not as good as melbournes. again, we're spoilt.

got to the train station 3 hours early on the 1st, to take the hill train. had the most disgusting chutney with cardboad like chappati so that was fun. met 2 French people as well and spoke with them, then turned out we were basically next to each other on the train! going down was longggg. at all the stops, vendors came up to the windows selling tea and samosa's. had wayy to much of both, but they were delicious. by the end i was so bored of the hills though, just wanted to sleep, but that was a while away.

got to mettypulyam (the last stop) and needed to get to coimbatore, i knew there were trains and busses, bt didnt know where or what time (ie i no longer have any organising skills and take things as they come... woo.) found out there was a connecting train, the French lady offered to buy me a ticket, which of course i refused, but she insisted so i gave in. with 10 minutes to departure i had a look at the ticket (they give one with the number of passengers on it) and they had only charged her for 2. so i ran up and down stairs and across overpasses to the ticket booth with my pack on my back and day pack on my front, looking like a maniac, got a ticket and ran back. then sat on an unmoving train for 10 minutes dying with little water. fun times.

it took about 40 minutes to get to coimbatore where i met up with the Finnish girls! we went and got a room each, they were in the lowest room, i was in the second highest, when you see the picture you will understand but the room were stacked on top of each other and you had to climb the narrowest spiral staircase ever. it was... interesting to say the least! the room was okay, with a tv! (i watched fantasitc four, or one of those kinds of movie, i have no idea what it actually was) but the bathroom had ants. which today i found got into my bag! but more about that later.

had uneventful flight to mumbai and then to goa, where at the airport a swedish lady asked me if i had booked accomodation for the night. i hadnt (again, organisation! it was 6pm at this point, so fairly vital to get somewhere to sleep). her swedish friend went to the information counter and booked a room in calangute and said i could tag along in a taxi to get out of the airport area where there was NOTHING. so did that and ended up staying the night in their room! long story short, it was a VERY expensive place so the girl said she asked for 3 tickets at the airport, as well as only one night and aircon. none of which she did, but they ended up giving us a no ac room for the same price as a double, so that was nice. watched the world cup final, very exciting and then went to sleep, i was SO tired!

breakfast was included in the room so got poori which i ate with my hands as normal. the swedish girls both got an omelette with toast. hmmmm, this was to be the flavour that has followed us throughout the last 2 days. left the hotel and found 'johnny's' which is GREAT! cheap and nice rooms, mine is on the top floor, so is not insulated AT ALL, so hot in the day and cold at night, but its still good. found the beach and had banana lassi, yum! and sun bathed (slash pulled the umbrella on top of me so i wouldnt get burnt anymore...) had a bit of a look in all of the stores, there is nothing really really nice which is very sad. im hoping at the market on wednesday there might be something, but i bought a dress as all my clothes are dirty (lack of organising in the washing arena ?) had dinner where one of the swedish girls had something in her pasta and got VERY pissy.

note on the girls: they are SO knowledgable in some areas and not at all in others... they have only eaten western food and they just do some really weird things (granted, i can think of them right now, but i rememeber thinking at the time). also, they are incredibly negative about everything, the food, the tea, the hotel, the beach etc and they are rude to people as well. anyway, they are nice enough to me so i cant complain for now (although hoping to leave tomorrow!).

today i went out and bought some stuff (BAD!!! i need to remember i have a YEAR to lug this back pack around, which is actually getting heavier :S) and tried to find small indian diners that arent so expensive. i think i spent as much yesterday on food as i have in my whole stay in India. seriously, after spending rp50 on lunch and dinner im now spending 150+, more often ++.

Calangute is an interesting place though, lovely aesthetically but other than that there is nothing except shopping and adventure activities, both or which i cant afford. also, it is fairly deserted. (is it stupid to say there are more indians than i expected? i think yes.) so there is not to much atmosphere (it would be AMAZING in high season) am thinking of maybe heading down the coast to northern kerala so see what there is to see because there is nothing here. need to stay til wednesday though, got to go to the market!

anyway, its hot, its tropical (not unlike qld) and i have to get out of this cigarette smoke a man is blowing my way. so see you later!

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treking in the nilgiri

sunny 28 °C

(had the most disgusting vegetable curry last night...)

after having a very bad night last night (homesickness and lonliness has finally got the better of me...), i was asked if i wanted to go on a tour tomorrow (as in today).

so today at 9 30, headed downstairs to find 2 very professional looking hikers waiting for it as well. felt a bit out of place in my teeshirt and flat shoes.. asked if it was going to be hard and was assured by the reception it was not. met some other people on the bus to take us to the starting point. anyway, long story short, I HAD A CONVERSATION. an actual conversation, not an inquiry or a transaction, A CONVERSATION! there was an english lady, 2 finnish girls and a dutch girl who i spoke with. hoping to meet up with one (any!) of them tonight to have dinner but we'll see. also, it was a trek through the Nilgiri hills which contains tea and tribes. was given a bit of information about both. but the scenery was actually really similar to australia's, on the whole. (we are SO spoilt), everyone was amazed at the hills and eucalyptus, and i was like, 'guys, these are 20 minutes drive from my house' :| but other than that it was quite nice.

Also, i am incredibly burnt on my neck :(

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sunny 20 °C

last night said good bye to joseph and his family. it was SO sad, they are like my family now! seriously, if anyone wants to go to India, lettme know and ill find the money and join you! anyway, sat on a bus for 10 hours, with 1 break. fun times. changed buses and sat for another 3. but its so worth it. Ooti is cold and colourful and i cant wait to drink some nilgiri tea and eat the chocolate!

staying in a hotel suggested by the lonely planet, wanted to stay in a dorm, $2 a night! but as an alone female, decided that was probably not a good idea... so paying 7 and have a massive room and hot water whenever i want it and its oh so good :D have decided today i will try and find a resturant that does western food, again suggested by lp and see if i can get pasta, still craving!

also, have henna-ed hands... not good, davids daughter did it and hmmmmm, hopefully it rubs off soon...

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