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Sorry for not blogging, had no internet on sunday and limited yesterday!

Saturday 7.12.13
Went for a walk around Leon to and got so lost so many times but thats the best way to see things!!! i saw obviously poor houses and potentially more wealthy ones, people everywhere, corn like there is in Kenya, little shops, big shops, everything really! This might sound very blind and naive of me, but it really doesnt appear as poverty-striken as i expected it to... Went for lunch in a little cafe and had to point at the food due to my lack of spanish.. i think i made a friend though because the server guy gave me a big smile and wave at when i left! that evening was the festival for the concepcion of Maria where there was music and fireworks and a small parade of massive puppets in the streets. after this all the kids went up to the doorways with shrines to Maria in them and sang a song and got candy in return. It was SO SO busy with people and i was with some Americans who are going to uni in managua and this german guy. we just walked around laughing and the Americans tried to get candy. Later i caught a bus with the german guy to what i thought was a beach party. Met up with a girl and a guy i had drinks with on Friday night. Turned out it was not a beach party it was a massive party set back from the beach with an open bar and DJ. it was SO much fun.

Sunday 8.12.13
Very hungover i woke up at 8.30 to go volcano boarding. Hopped on the bus with 20 other gringos and it took about an hour to get to cerro negro. We had to walk up the volcano and took photos at the crater. We saw the place where the next eruption is likely to originate from with steam coming from the ground. We donned bright orange jumpsuits and one by one flew down the volcano. My speed was clocked to be 25 km but im sure i was going faster at points, i kept on falling off! Took the bus back then i went to have a well deserved rest/nap in one of the hammocks in the hostel. I tried the street food too. Delicious meat cook on a bbq in front of you, potato and cheese and fried haloumi on rice and beans. SO DELICIOUS!!

Monday 9.12.13
Was sitting in the hostel cafe eating breakfast and heard polish girl called nathalia who i met on friday night, say she was going to Granada. I asked if i might join as this was the general direction i was planning on going. We ended up going to a place called laguna de apoyo which is basically a crater lake inside a collapsed volcano. It was pretty spectacular. Unfortunately the hostel we wanted was fully booked so we went to another called the Peace Project. It was really beautiful but as the name suggests peaceful. I was thinking of maybe doing a spanish course here but within and hour of arriving it was pouring with rain and i realised it would probably be quite boring by myself. So that evening we had a relaxed dinner (I had beef fajitas, DELICIOUS!!!) and went to bed early planning on getting up at 5.30 to see the sunrise.

Tuesday 10.12.13
Heard the alarm and did not get up haha. I did manage to drag myself out of bed at 6 and the clouds over the lake were pink which was pretty cool. but then i went promptly back to sleep. Woke up again at 8 and nathalia and i dragged 2 kayaks down to the water and went on a little adventure. I had my camera and was freaking out but it turned out okay thank goodness! Nathalia jumped in and then her kayak floated away. I had to try to catch it and then bring it back, not an easy task thats for sure. We got out and scoffed breakfast of fried banana and cheese and caught the bus to granada. Literally arrived half an hour ago but from what ive seen i quite like this city. It reminds me with smells and sight a lot of India.

Just a note that i wont be able to upload photos from my camera because i forgot the cord! all the photos are from my phone...

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