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SO not much else to say about koh phangan except to talk about new years! WOO! we actually went out. i know. raise the roof. we are awesome. no, but really, it was olivias birthday so we went to the nice beach during the day and i had the most GOD AWFUL curry ever. i wanted to vomit. we listened to a 50 year old who sounded 15..... 'maannnn' (and had the mannerisms of one too). she entertained me for a good half hour. and we sunbaked. pretty shocking stuff considering we were on an island in thailand...

got back, slept, ate and then i put on my nice top for the first time (and make-up! what????) and had a pretty good night! i had just discovered that anti-biotics would get rid of my sickness so was on them, but was wary to drink. dont actually know what happens when you get drunk and your on anti biotics, but i get the feeling its generally not good. despite this, i still had a couple of cruisers and posed with a bucket, and we danced where there was danceable-to music (a lot of it was trance... saw this old guy dancing by himself, hugging himself and im pretty sure he was high.... ) and came across A LOT, and i mean a lot of creepy, creepy guys. that was interesting. we found this lovely half malaysian half aussie guy with his sister and male lover (we later came to the conclusion that they we not indeed gay, it was a way to get girls to trust him and not immediately say no. awks, cause it worked...) who bought us a drink. had a lot of guys offer us sips from there bucketsx, one guy accidently dunked olivias camera in his bucket... gooood. the other thing that was there was a fire skipping rope and later a fire hoop. mix this with a lot of drunk guys and you get the medical facilities making bucket loads. obviously people stuffed up and there ankles and legs and stomach and arms and even there faces got burnt. but did they care? not til the next day! we met a girl who said she met a girl, whod been pushed intot he skipping rope, stumbled over it and then a bunch of guys had jumped on top of her and she had to be pulled out. she had completley burnt ankles and feet :/ i just thought it was the stupidest thing you could possibly want to do really, but plenty of people disagreed with me, obviously. so new years came and went and we arrived back at our bungalow about 3ish, slept, and then left koh phangan on the 2nd of january (after 2 solid days of rain) for koh samui.

we definitely pushed in the line to get on the boat. sorry! thank god we did though, there would have been at least a hundred people stranded, even after the last boat of the day left i reckon! got to koh samui and went to the 2nd main beach, lamai. we arrived by share taxi in lamai and got soaked immediately. i have never seen so much rain. rain rain rain. everywhere. we were dropped off, not in the town, which sucked, and walked 20 minutes, went into heaps of places where it was a casual 50-100 dollars a night (even the shit places). found a dodgy little 'resort' for the grand total of 8 dollars a night and settled in as best as you can settle into a damp cellbox that smelt, had a leaking bathroom and an uncomfotable mattress. and it rained for 3 days straight, so we spent all our time inside. lovely. seriously, some of my clothes still smell damp! luckily we found a relatively cheap, MUCH nicer resort, with a TV! granted the main english channel was cartoons, but still! so we spent another 2 nights here! and the sun came out :) we suntanned and sat at the beast side resturants and it was really quite nice.

after samui, we came to malaysia to renew our visa. after a slightly stressful time, thinking that the roads would be flooded (the reputable company that goes to penang said they were), it was a pretty unstressful, if long trip! we left at 7am and arrived at 11pm, with a few breaks in between. we found our hostel thing, which is great and slept. and olivia got bitten that made her eye swell up the size of half a pingpong ball. so our first day was spent going to the doctors and her icing her eye, and the second and third and fouth and fifth were just as uneventful. we have been so so lazy while we have been here, i dont really know why because we have constantly complained of boredom too... i guess since we are coming home so soon, and i am a bit of 'cultural stuff' temples just dont seem so appealing. having said that, i really like georgetown in penang and if we had used our time productively, probably would have come back with some stories. oops! ah well.

5 days till the family comes.
16 days till i arrive home.

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